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The Best Aspire Vape Tanks of 2017

The Best Aspire Vape Tanks of 2017

Looking for a new aspire tank to customize your vape pen? This post is for you! We're revealing the top Aspire vape tanks of the year right now.
NHS Health Scotland: E-cigs 'definitely' less harmful than smoking

NHS Health Scotland: E-cigs 'definitely' less harmful than smoking

E-cigarettes are "definitely" less harmful than smoking tobacco, health bodies in Scotland have stated for the first time. NHS Health Scotland said it wanted to "clarify" confusion around the harms and benefits of vaping devices.
What does the NHS think about vaping?

What does the NHS think about vaping?

While there has been much controversy over vaping since the birth of e-cigarettes, in recent times there has been increasing support from government bodies and health experts. However, despite the obvious health benefits of giving up smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes, many people still want to know - what does the NHS think about vaping?
Why vape with a box Mod?

Why vape with a box Mod?

Why Vape with a Box Mod

There is so much choice around when it comes to vaping equipment, and getting your device just how you want it is an important aspect of vaping. One option available, is a Box Mod. So, what is the reason for having a Box Mod?

Firstly, let us begin by explaining that Box Mod as a term can cover a lot of bases, however in general it tends to refer to a device with a box-like shape, and that has been fitted out with advanced features such as the ability to change the temperature and the wattage. It is unlikely that those new to vaping will know right away why some people might choose a Box Mod over the pen-type e-cigs so readily available, so let us explain a bit more here.

A Box Mod Vaping Device Offers More Power

Both power and battery life are extremely important to a large number of vapers, and a Box Mod is something that addresses these requirements. The removable batteries commonly found in Box Mods are 18650 IMR batteries which can have capacities exceeding 3000mAh. In terms of slimline e-cigarettes, there is limited ability to reach beyond 1000mAh. The high power batteries contained within Box Mods do require extra care however. A larger battery as found in a Box Mod will allow the device to deliver a stronger throat hit. In addition to this, bigger vapour clouds can also be achieved if this is what is desired. You can find out a bit more about achieving these modifications below;

Vaping Features from Box Mods

Box Mods provide the opportunity for users to experiment with vaping techniques, and there is much more scope for this than in the pen-like vaping devices. Using a Box Mod allows for sub-ohm style vaping, where wattage and temperature, along with the airflow level, can all be experimented with and set as desired. This will then give the user control over the amount of cloud produced, and the throat hit received.

While a Box Mod certainly offers more customisation in order to tailor the user's vaping experience, it unfortunately is a little bulkier and heavier than the standard e-cig. This doesn't matter so much to those who prefer this way of vaping, however if the user isn't interested in altering the amount of vapour produced, sub-ohm vaping, or a long-lasting battery, then perhaps a Box Mod isn't the best choice. It does take a bit of experimentation to get the most suitable vape for the individual.

What is a Variable Voltage Mod?

There are two measurements of power you will see on the specs of a mod: variable voltage and variable wattage.

A variable voltage allows you to change the current. So changing the voltage up or down will turn the temperature up or down and in effect, giving you a completely different vaping experience depending on the voltage it is set at. Variable voltage is a much more preferable method than using a fixed voltage battery. The downside of a Variable voltage approach is that if you change the resistance of your coils sa from 2.8 ohms to 1.8 ohms then the Voltage setting in combination with the coil’s resistance would result in a different temperature and therefor a different vaping experience.

What is a Variable Wattage Mod?

Variable wattage accomplishes the same goal as variable voltage but through a different, route. If you have a Variable Wattage Mod and have found that a 40w setting on a 0.5 ohm coil gives you a perfect vape and that you then change up your coild to a 1.2 ohm. Now, with your wattage still set at 40 watts, what happens now? It gives you the exact same vaping experience! It does this because variable wattage will automatically change the voltage for you to give you your desired wattage irrespective of the coil installed. So variable wattage is a true set it and forget it vape mod (when you first decide your preferred vaping temperature), whereas a variable voltage, you may need to re-adjust the voltage after changing your atomizer.

Aspire Pockex All In One Starter Kit Review

Aspire Pockex All In One Starter Kit Review

Aspire Pockex All In One Starter Kit Review

Over the years Aspire have successfully catered to the mass market with a hugely popular range of devices and tanks. The Pockex (AIO) Starter Kit is designed to appeal to smokers trying to quit.


The packaging is exactly what you have come to expect from Aspire, plain , black and compact. Not cheap in its look or feel, but definitely not a luxury packaging effort either. Simple functionalism is the order of the day and opening a shrink wrapped box is always fun.

Once opened the box contains:

  • PockeX Pocket AIO Mod
  • USB/micro-USB cable
  • Two U Tech Coils SS316L 0.6 Ω
  • Nautilus X Tank
  • A user manual with pictures

    Simple elegant design

    Initial impressions are that the Pockex has a simple,elegant and compact design, absolutely ideal for discreet vaping or being unobtrusively slipped into a small bag or pocket. The smooth brushed steel finish and size means it is a pleasure to hold, it is very light yet reassuringly rugged. It has an easy to use top fill tank, which has a 100% leak proof guarantee by Aspire. Although the airflow holes are non-adjustable airflow, they are almost invisible and prefectly optimised. To change the coils, there is no need to drain your e-liquid first, as they screw easily into the top cap. This is brilliant and innovative design, as the majority of e-cigarettes that are of this style will have the coils submerged in the liquid necessitating a full drain of the e-liquid first. The removable steel sleeve on the tank has a max Fill line (best leaving the metal sleeve on when filling) and the mouthpiece has an integrated Delerin Drip tip.


    The PockeX is basically an Aspire Nautilus X mounted on a tubular 1500 mAh battery. Aspire includes a micro-USB wire to charge, two coils of 0.6 Ω and a small user manual. The Tank is TPD compliant with a 2ml Capacity, this may be considered small by heavy vapers but the ease with which it can be re-filled compensates for this.


    • A Fire button is located at the top of the battery (ON/OFF by 5 clicks)
    • Nautilus X tank: 2 ml
    • Micro-usb charging, plug not protected by a cover
    • Delrin drip-tip, proprietary
    • Remaining charge indicator
    • Material: Stainless steel, Pyrex and Delrin
    • Length, 117.7 mm
    • Diameter, 19.7 mm
    • Weight: 86g
    • Battery: 1500 mAh
    • Available Colors: Black, Rose Gold, White and Silver

    Usability and Safety


    The PockeX is charged from the base of the device using the small power cable supplied with it(which means that it is possible to still vape while it is charging). The 1500mAh Battery should give the average user two days of operation without a re-charge and as with all types of batteries, it’s a good idea never to let the battery completely die, as it can reduce its charging capabilities over time. Helpfully the LEDs will indicate when the charge is 30% or less by changing to pink.


    The PockeX has a couple of safety features to help reduce accidental operation. Pressing the button five times in succession will turn on the device with another five clicks to turn it off. The LEDs will flash blue if the device has just turned on, or pink if it has just turned off. Because of this, you will always have visual confirmation whether the device is on or off. The second safety feature is an auto cut off after ten seconds of firing, this is important so that a burn out of the coil does not occur, especially if the device has been triggered by accident in your bag or pocket. The device will also cut out after the battery has completed charging.


    As a Mouth to lung device, users will draw the vapour first into their mouths , then inhale into the lungs as a smoker would. You get roughly the same amount of smoke as you would from a cigarette which definitely re-enforces its appeal to recent quitters. Aspire tanks and coils have a good reputation for generating flavoursome vapes and the PockeX continues this tradition.


    • Easy to use
    • Overall good quality build
    • Large volume of vapour produced
    • Good rendering of flavors
    • Easy to swap coils
    • Non leaking
    • Top filling
    • Good autonomy
    • Quiet clearomizer
    • Value for money
    • Good battery life


    • Smaller TPD Compliant Tank: 2 ml
    • Proprietary non changeable Drip-tip
    • Non-adjustable Airflow
    • The body becomes warm with extended use
    • Non variable voltage


    Ideal for newbie vapers but also a superb secondary device for seasoned users. The PockeX definitely hits the price/performance/style spot.

    Buying the PockeX

    Motivape stocks the Aspire PockeX as well as replacement Coils and Glass Tubes.

    Top Tips to stop your coils burning

    Top Tips to stop your coils burning

    Top Tips to stop your coils burning

    If you happen to smell a burning smell from your e-cigarette, however faint, accompanied by a burn to the back of your throat when vaping, and an unpleasant taste from your e-liquid – this is most likely due to the coil burning, or in other words, a burnt wick. This is fortunately easily fixed, and even better, it is possible to prevent burnt wick. Here are our top tips to stop your e-cig coil from burning;

    Ensure your have enough e-liquid in your e-cigarette This is basic common sense when it comes to preventing burnt wick on your e-cigarette. When you press the button on your e-cig, it causes an electric current to flow from the battery to the coil in order to heat it. The heat from the coil then turns the e-liquid soaked on the wick into vapour. It is possible to cause burnt wick when then wick itself is dry, so be sure to have enough juice in your e-cigarette.

    Do not 'dry burn' your coil If you use the e-cig without sufficient e-liquid for the wick, the cotton wick will dry burn and damage itself. Ceramic wicks can tolerate a small amount of dry burning, but cotton wicks certainly cannot. Always ensure there is enough e-liquid in order to soak the cotton wick. Vaping constantly and too quickly, like a puffing steam train, can sometimes lead to the wick becoming dry too, as not enough time is allowed for the e-liquid to flow and resaturate.

    Prime your coil before using Upon first installing a new coil, time must be allowed in order for the e-liquid to soak the wick. A dry wick does not suddenly become wet and primed for vaping. Usually allowing 5 minutes between installing a new coil/wick and refilling your e-cig, to taking your first puff, is sufficient. Priming is basically just ensuring that the wick is soaked before you begin vaping. You can prime the wick manually by adding a few drops of e-liquid into the top, and to any exposed wick through the side, if necessary.

    Ensure the coil/wick temperature does not get too high The higher the wattage you vape at, the more e-liquid is used and vapourised. Vaping consistently at too high temperatures can cause dry wick, and subsequently burnt wick. By reducing the temperature where necessary, you will allow the e-liquid a chance to flow and soak the wick, without it instantly being used up and dried.

    Consider your choice of e-liquid PG e-liquid is a thinner solution that VG, therefore it will soak into the wick easier. An e-liquid that doesn't soak the wick so easily can cause a dry wick, and subsequent burning, if it is unable to keep up soaking the wick in time with your puffing. If you are running into such problems, it might be a good idea to change to a higher % of PG in your e-liquid, for example over 50%. Also, sweeter e-liquids which have a lot of added sweetener can cause build up around the coil, which can caramelise and cause a burning smell and taste.

    Myths About Vaping: Debunked!

    Myths About Vaping: Debunked!

    Myths About Vaping: Debunked!

    These days, more and more people are turning away from traditional smoking to try something new: vaping. Vaping is becoming very popular these days, because of all of the great flavor options available as well as how much easier it can be to vape than to smoke in most locations. There are still some people, though, who are not sure whether vaping is right for them. This is usually because they have heard misconceptions about what it means to vape, and we are here to debunk those myths.

    Myth #1 All Electronic Cigarettes Have Antifreeze

    This is a persistent myth that many people believe to be true. There is no truth to it, however. As soon as these claims began, individual labs conducted testing to see if the electronic cigarettes had any diethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze. The experiments found no trace of this substance. It is important to note that if vaping cigarettes did have this substance, there would be daily cases of illnesses and overdoses, which there are not.

    Myth #2 Vaping is More Addictive than Smoking

    A lot of people think this is true, in part because one of the first studies the FDA did on vaping showed that there were higher levels of nicotine in the cartridges than were advertised. The truth is that vaping actually processes nicotine in a different manner than cigarettes, so the cartridges do need to have more of it in order to provide the same amount. Many studies have shown that, actually, people who vape might end up getting less nicotine in their systems than if they smoked.

    Myth #3 Second-Hand Vapor is Dangerous to Bystanders

    This is a very common misconception that people have about vaping. The most harmful part of second-hand smoking is the tar that cigarettes have, which burns and creates smoke. This is not an issue with electronic cigarettes, since all they create is vapor. Yes, nicotine is released into the air, but it is a minimal amount that most people will not be affected by. The vapor that comes from vape mods also dissipates much more quickly than smoke, so that bystanders will not even be bothered by it the way they can be with smoke. For this reason, many more people are choosing to vape. You will also find that you are able to vape in many more locations than you can smoke, so it is something to consider.

    Myth #4 Vaping is Only for Young People

    Many people think that vaping is advertised directly to younger people. This is because of the different flavors available, as well as some of the more colorful wrappings, but people of all ages have turned to vaping. This is because it offers flavors that cigarettes cannot provide and because it can be interesting to experience a new product. Many people who have smoked cigarettes for most of their adult life are now switching over to vaping because of the variety and the ease of use, not to mention that vaping is allowed in more locations than smoking these days. Whether you want new flavors or you want to stick with more traditional options, vaping can be the right choice for you.

    These are some of the most pervasive myths that people have about vaping. It is important to always do your research and not to just listen to rumors, since a large part of them have been proven wrong by science. Vaping can be the perfect option for a lot of people who want to take a break from cigarettes but who do not want to stop smoking altogether.


    Article Written by: Devin Caldwell

    Can you overdose on Nicotine from Vaping

    Can you overdose on Nicotine from Vaping

    Can you overdose on Nicotine when vaping?

    Nicotine is a form of poison, and this is something that many people are concerned about when they think of switching to vaping. Traditional cigarettes are massively toxic, but people are still worried about taking in too much nicotine while vaping, and are interested to know the signs of nicotine overdose. Here, we explore the question – can you overdose on Nicotine when vaping?

    The thing to remember here, is the quantity in which it is consumed determines whether it is going to have a toxic effect on the body or not, and many things deemed as harmless to us can be toxic in larger amounts.

    According to a list of toxic doses, nicotine is stated as being toxic in quantities between 30 and 60 mg. In terms of vaping, this would be equal to about 4ml of e-liquid, which would actually have to be consumed all in one go to have this potentially harmful effect. Because the body doesn't process the nicotine all in one go at speed, this isn't really possible.

    It is reported that it would have to be even more than this, stating that those who died from nicotine overdose had over 20 times this 'toxic' amount in them. Also, many people exposed to this large amount showed no symptoms. So, in a nutshell, the answer to – can I overdose on nicotine while vaping? Is – No

    How do I know I've had too much nicotine?

    While it is highly unlikely you are going to get nicotine poisoning from vaping, even when vaping heavily, you can feel the effects of perhaps having a bit too much for your body to handle in one go. Symptoms of this can be a slight feeling of nausea, in which case it is best to just take a break. In extreme cases, you may vomit, but this is only if you ignore your body's signal of feeling nauseas when you have taken a bit too much. This might be accompanied with a headache in some people.

    Along with nausea and headaches, overdoing it with the vaping (and taking in too much nicotine) can also result in symptoms such as; increased salivation, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and maybe even confusion and slight anxiety. While these are symptoms of in-taking too much nicotine, it is highly unlikely you will feel these effects from vaping, even heavily.

    Could I get nicotine poisoning from vaping?

    Even if you are a heavy vaper, it is highly unlikely that you are going to get nicotine poisoning. Mathematically, you would have to vape something like 40ml within 2 hours, which would be just the minimum toxic dose. This just isn't likely to happen, and if it did in some magical way, it would be unlikely it could all be absorbed into the body at once and poison you.

    There have been several experiments carried out in measured ways to see just how likely it is to overdose on nicotine using it in this way, and the results have all concluded that it is highly unlikely, and near on impossible.

    What should I do if I experience nausea or headaches from vaping?

    If you find yourself experiencing symptoms such as nausea and headaches from vaping, it is possible that the strength you are using is too high for your body's liking. Try reducing the strength of your e-liquid, or vape less.

    NEVER Ingest Nicotine

    While vaping nicotine has a very slim chance of causing any noticeable harm, it does not mean that you can drink e-liquid. It is also vital to keep e-liquid away from children and animals, as due to their smaller size they can experience much larger consequences from ingesting nicotine than an adult would.

    If you get e-liquid on the skin, be aware that it can be absorbed through the skin and the nicotine into the body. If you spill any on your hands, be sure to wash them immediately.

    What should I do if I develop symptoms?

    If you develop symptoms that you think may be related to nicotine then it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you feel your symptoms are nothing to worry about then you can ease off the vaping, call for medical advice, or wait until the next day to see how you feel. However, if a child or animal has ingested e-liquid or nicotine, it is vital that you seek medical attention straight away.

    Please note that this is not a medical article and no health advice should be taken from it. If in doubt about any symptoms, always seek medical attention.

    What are Coils and Wicks in e-Cigarettes?

    What are Coils and Wicks in e-Cigarettes?

    What are Coils and Wicks in e-Cigarettes?

    For a vaping beginner, the components of an e-cigarette can seem confusing, and the coil and wick is part of this. Here we hope to help your understanding, with this short guide to coils and wicks in e-cigarettes.

    Coils are often otherwise referred to as wicks, and sometimes atomisers. This is essentially the part which heats and vaporises the liquid. The wick supplies the coil with the e-liquid, the coil heats the e-liquid to produce the vapour, and together they form an atomiser.


    The coil is therefore a very important component, as this together with the airflow of the device basically determines your entire vaping experience. By experimenting with different coils, combined with varieties of airflow you can drastically alter how you experience vaping. This experimentation is of course optional and many vapers are more than happy with the pre-built coils available on the market.


    The Wick - The wick is what supplies the coil with the e-liquid. This can be made from silica fibre, or cotton. There has been an increase in popularity of organic cotton wicks, thanks to their ability to be taste neutral and deliver a cleaner flavour. The organic cotton wicks are also heat resilient and can supply the e-liquid to the coil fast. However, not all devices are supplied with the organic cotton largely due to cost. Most users do take the view though that the benefits of organic cotton wicks far outweigh the cost.

    The Resistance - You can measure the resistance of the device in OHMs. The lower the OHM, the higher the heat. So, while a 1 OHM coil can get hot, a 0.5 OHM coil will be hotter. This increase in heat produces larger vapour clouds – lower OHM gives more vapour and a larger hit to the throat.


    Lower OHMs do require more battery power, and use up more e-liquid, than normal. The devices have to be bigger in order to support this, and so it really is a matter of personal taste as not everyone wants something so big and powerful, especially when they are on the move.


    The Airflow - While airflow is essential for cooling the vape, it is also what aids in producing large amounts of cloud. Also, the higher the airflow, the higher the temperature the coil is able to reach. This means you can use coils at a higher temperature if you desire, giving a larger throat hit and producing more cloud.


    Most people who vape like to buy their coils pre-made, but it is good to have an idea of how you like to vape, as you can still adjust your device accordingly.













    5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking and Switch to E-Cigarettes

    5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking and Switch to E-Cigarettes

    5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking and Switch to E-Cigarettes

    Some smokers are still unsure whether they should switch to e-cigarettes or not, still unsure of the benefits they can reap by ditching smoking and taking up vaping. Here, we have put together our 5 good reasons for switching to e-cigarettes;

    1 - Vaping is better for your health

    At the top of the list would be - health. Vaping is considered better for your health than smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco contains about 70 carcinogens, amongst thousands of chemicals, and the damage done to your health is no secret. In comparison, e-cigarettes only contain a minute amount of chemicals, none of which are the cancer-causing carcinogens that are found in traditional cigarettes. Public Health England concluded in a report that vaping is 95% safer than using tobacco, and The Royal College of Physicians have backed using e-cigs too.

    2 - You can Vape indoors without causing offence

    Vaping causes no offensive odour, it doesn't stick to clothes nor make the house constantly smell. It also does not produce second-hand smoke which is harmful to others around you. Vaping does not come under the UK ban issued by the government, disallowing smoking of tobacco indoors in public places, and so some establishments will allow it. Whether it be a workplace, a pub, or a shopping centre, it might be possible to vape freely, however it is always best to check.

    3 - Vaping will save you money

    There should be no doubt that with the rising cost of tobacco, switching to vaping will certainly save you money. The average vaper might spend £10 per week, including the cost of batteries, coils, liquids etc over time. Compared with the cost of smoking, there are massive savings to be made. There is vaping equipment to suit any budget, you can do it as cheaply as you want, or decide to buy the more expensive tanks.

    4 - Vaping gives you freedom to experiment

    Vaping can be a lot of fun, experimenting with new flavours and trying various brands out. The majority of vaping equipment is interchangeable, and so once you buy a starter kit, or even your initial electronic cigarette set up, you will be able to add components when you desire. When you take up vaping, you need not stay loyal to one brand, and you can even have a go at mixing your own e-liquid flavours.

    5 - Vaping is safer than smoking

    Aside from vaping being better for your health than smoking, vaping is also safer due to the fact that it is not a lit and burning device. Cigarettes have been a large cause of house fires over the years, and switching to e-cigs is one way to prevent this risk. It can be left on the sofa or picked up in the night, be left near children or pets, and no fire associated risk is present. It is important however to always check that the charging plug and lead are safe to use, and unplugged when not in use.

    E-Cigarette: Miracle or Menance? A documentary worth watching

    E-Cigarette: Miracle or Menance? A documentary worth watching

    Horizon explores whether E-cigs are a miracle or a menace

    There is still much debate surrounding whether e-cigarettes are good or bad, however it is impossible to ignore the increasing amount of credible evidence leaning toward the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes, as opposed to traditional tobacco. Thankfully, those in power are finally coming to understand how vaping can aid smokers in giving up and improving their health.

    It was soon after electronic cigarettes were backed by the Royal College of Physicians, that a Horizon documentary was shown on the BBC, showing how beneficial vaping is in the quest to quit traditional smoking, as well as looking into the health of the e-cig smoker. This documentary, 'E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace', was praised by many for the balanced approach taken by Michael Mosley, the maker. It looked at the scientific research that had gone into vaping, as well as positive anecdotal accounts, discounting non-factual scaremongering from those who fail to approve.

    Scientific tests were shown in detail, demonstrating the differences between the health of a smoker, and someone who vapes on e-cigs instead. This concluded just how large a benefit vaping can be to public health, which is something that has finally been recognised by the Government, as well as the media. As Mosley stated in the documentary, e-cigs have the potential to "transform the world's health."

    While this was not the first piece of television looking into the pros and cons of e-cigs, it has been deemed one of the best. Mosley himself took part by vaping for a month, in order to contribute to the research. He also met with e-cigarette users and discussed the impact vaping has had on the lives of many. The evidence in favour of using e-cigs instead of tobacco was overwhelmingly positive, and anyone looking to find out more about the benefits of vaping should certainly look for this documentary online.

    It has become increasingly evident that the tobacco industry which is losing millions to the ascendancy of vaping is running negative interference in the mainstream media.

    A steady stream of "Look an e-cig has exploded!" stories can be found in the media on a frequent basis. However when you look underneath the sensationalist headline or actually do some digging on the statistics these issues are mostly cause by incorrect usage of battery chargers or modifications to already high powered units.

    The fact remains that more mobile phones and other household appliances burst into flame than e-cigarettes Like any electrical device proper care and handling is required to avoid potential hazards .

    e-Cigarette Introduction

    e-Cigarette Introduction

    An introduction to the basic functioning of an e-cigarette and how they work.