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Top Tips to stop your coils burning

Top Tips to stop your coils burning

Top Tips to stop your coils burning

If you happen to smell a burning smell from your e-cigarette, however faint, accompanied by a burn to the back of your throat when vaping, and an unpleasant taste from your e-liquid – this is most likely due to the coil burning, or in other words, a burnt wick. This is fortunately easily fixed, and even better, it is possible to prevent burnt wick. Here are our top tips to stop your e-cig coil from burning;

Ensure your have enough e-liquid in your e-cigarette This is basic common sense when it comes to preventing burnt wick on your e-cigarette. When you press the button on your e-cig, it causes an electric current to flow from the battery to the coil in order to heat it. The heat from the coil then turns the e-liquid soaked on the wick into vapour. It is possible to cause burnt wick when then wick itself is dry, so be sure to have enough juice in your e-cigarette.

Do not 'dry burn' your coil If you use the e-cig without sufficient e-liquid for the wick, the cotton wick will dry burn and damage itself. Ceramic wicks can tolerate a small amount of dry burning, but cotton wicks certainly cannot. Always ensure there is enough e-liquid in order to soak the cotton wick. Vaping constantly and too quickly, like a puffing steam train, can sometimes lead to the wick becoming dry too, as not enough time is allowed for the e-liquid to flow and resaturate.

Prime your coil before using Upon first installing a new coil, time must be allowed in order for the e-liquid to soak the wick. A dry wick does not suddenly become wet and primed for vaping. Usually allowing 5 minutes between installing a new coil/wick and refilling your e-cig, to taking your first puff, is sufficient. Priming is basically just ensuring that the wick is soaked before you begin vaping. You can prime the wick manually by adding a few drops of e-liquid into the top, and to any exposed wick through the side, if necessary.

Ensure the coil/wick temperature does not get too high The higher the wattage you vape at, the more e-liquid is used and vapourised. Vaping consistently at too high temperatures can cause dry wick, and subsequently burnt wick. By reducing the temperature where necessary, you will allow the e-liquid a chance to flow and soak the wick, without it instantly being used up and dried.

Consider your choice of e-liquid PG e-liquid is a thinner solution that VG, therefore it will soak into the wick easier. An e-liquid that doesn't soak the wick so easily can cause a dry wick, and subsequent burning, if it is unable to keep up soaking the wick in time with your puffing. If you are running into such problems, it might be a good idea to change to a higher % of PG in your e-liquid, for example over 50%. Also, sweeter e-liquids which have a lot of added sweetener can cause build up around the coil, which can caramelise and cause a burning smell and taste.

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