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5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking and Switch to E-Cigarettes

5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking and Switch to E-Cigarettes

5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking and Switch to E-Cigarettes

Some smokers are still unsure whether they should switch to e-cigarettes or not, still unsure of the benefits they can reap by ditching smoking and taking up vaping. Here, we have put together our 5 good reasons for switching to e-cigarettes;

1 - Vaping is better for your health

At the top of the list would be - health. Vaping is considered better for your health than smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco contains about 70 carcinogens, amongst thousands of chemicals, and the damage done to your health is no secret. In comparison, e-cigarettes only contain a minute amount of chemicals, none of which are the cancer-causing carcinogens that are found in traditional cigarettes. Public Health England concluded in a report that vaping is 95% safer than using tobacco, and The Royal College of Physicians have backed using e-cigs too.

2 - You can Vape indoors without causing offence

Vaping causes no offensive odour, it doesn't stick to clothes nor make the house constantly smell. It also does not produce second-hand smoke which is harmful to others around you. Vaping does not come under the UK ban issued by the government, disallowing smoking of tobacco indoors in public places, and so some establishments will allow it. Whether it be a workplace, a pub, or a shopping centre, it might be possible to vape freely, however it is always best to check.

3 - Vaping will save you money

There should be no doubt that with the rising cost of tobacco, switching to vaping will certainly save you money. The average vaper might spend £10 per week, including the cost of batteries, coils, liquids etc over time. Compared with the cost of smoking, there are massive savings to be made. There is vaping equipment to suit any budget, you can do it as cheaply as you want, or decide to buy the more expensive tanks.

4 - Vaping gives you freedom to experiment

Vaping can be a lot of fun, experimenting with new flavours and trying various brands out. The majority of vaping equipment is interchangeable, and so once you buy a starter kit, or even your initial electronic cigarette set up, you will be able to add components when you desire. When you take up vaping, you need not stay loyal to one brand, and you can even have a go at mixing your own e-liquid flavours.

5 - Vaping is safer than smoking

Aside from vaping being better for your health than smoking, vaping is also safer due to the fact that it is not a lit and burning device. Cigarettes have been a large cause of house fires over the years, and switching to e-cigs is one way to prevent this risk. It can be left on the sofa or picked up in the night, be left near children or pets, and no fire associated risk is present. It is important however to always check that the charging plug and lead are safe to use, and unplugged when not in use.

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