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A Guide to Maximising the Flavour of your Vape

A Guide to Maximising the Flavour of your Vape

A Guide to Maximising the Flavour of Your Vape

Quite often people focus on producing a larger vape cloud, called 'cloud-chasing', however there are many people who prefer to fine tune the flavour of their vape, maximising the flavours in preference to maximising the clouds. Here, we have put together a guide to maximising the flavour of your vape.

1 - Steep your e-liquid

Steeping is the word used to refer to leaving your e-liquid to age properly. Once mixed, the e-liquid will naturally age/steep over time, transforming to a darker colour, as well as the flavour of the vapour becoming more enhanced. When you buy a bottle of e-liquid, if it has already been on the shelf a while then it will likely be suitably steeped and full in flavour. If you buy e-liquid that is mixed to order, or hasn't had a chance to steep yet, then you will greatly benefit from steeping the liquid.

If you want to use the liquid straight away, rather than sit it on a shelf for a few weeks, there are steps you can take in order to speed up this steeping process. Check out our steeping guide for more information on these methods.

2 - Adjust your device

Vaping equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, but by making some adjustments it is possible to enhance the flavour of your vape, no matter what your device. Examples of adjusting your e-cigarette for better flavour include; turning the voltage down, something that can be experimented with the more basic models. Also, you can get e-cigs with variable wattage, which give a wide range of power choices, and you will find that many e-liquids are better when warm. If your device allows for it, It's a good idea to play around with the wattage as some e-liquids will certainly taste better when warm, and others won't change so much.

Another aspect to keep an eye on is the airflow. Increased airflow will produce larger clouds, but is not likely to do much for the flavour of the vape. This is because the vapour will be cooled somewhat by the airflow, resulting in a loss of flavour intensity. If you reduce the airflow, you might find that you get a more intense flavour of vape, so it is worth a try. Do ensure that there is still adequate airflow, otherwise it will cause burning of the coil and the wick, and result in a bad burnt taste.

3 - Choose a cotton wick

The wick plays an important part in the production of a good flavoured vape. A cotton wick will product a stronger, cleaner flavour, as opposed to many of the pre-built coils with wicks made from silica fibre. Don't worry, these silica wicks perform fine, but there is no denying the difference you can get from a cotton wick. You will find that some tanks come with in built cotton wicks, which are becoming more popular now.

4 - Replace your coil

The condition your coil is in will certainly have an effect on the flavour of your vape. If it is left to become clogged with e-liquid residue, overtime it will directly affect the quality of your vaping. If you notice the taste of your vape going downhill, then this could be a time to change the coil. Coils are easy enough to purchase and replace for tanks with pre-built coils, and it is well worth doing if you feel it is affecting flavour and intensity.

5 - Choose a PG heavy e-liquid

It is important to consider the PG/VG mix of the e-liquid you choose, this can play a large part in the flavour itself. These stand for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, which are the two main ingredients in most e-liquids. PG is the ingredient that carries the flavour, and delivers that hit to the throat. VG is the ingredient that generates vapour, however it is not best at carrying flavour. So, you will find PG liquids to give a more potent flavour and hit, and VG-heavy e-liquids more subtle.

6 - Beware of Vaper's Tongue

The term Vaper's Tongue refers to the dulling of the taste buds when it comes to tasting the flavour of your vape. This is a common condition when using the same flavour of e-liquid for a prolonged period of time, giving you a dull sense of the flavour. To combat this, it is best to mix it up a bit and rotate a few various flavours so that your palette doesn't become de-sensitised to the flavour.

7 - Just experiment

Each individual is different in the way they prefer to vape. Some people are cloud-chasers, some people are flavour-chasers. We have already provided you with the vital aspects in increasing the flavour of your vape, but ultimately, there is no right or wrong thing to do. Vaping is a very individual experience, and we encourage you to play around and experiment with techniques and types of liquid. It is only through experimentation that you will find what works best for you.

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