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Space Jam High VG Liquids Now Available

Space Jam High VG Liquids Now Available

Arrived from another world - the cosmic Space Jam High VG Liquids are here
Mums Home Baked eliquids are Back!

Mums Home Baked eliquids are Back!

After a short absence while they refreshed their product range the immensely popular Mums Home Baked eliquid range is now back on the shelves ..
Premium E-Juice: Does It Really Make a Difference?

Premium E-Juice: Does It Really Make a Difference?

The range of prices for e-juice is extreme. But is there really a difference between regular and premium e-juice? Click here to find out.
How to Choose the Right E-Liquid Strength

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid Strength

New to vaping? One of the first things you need to do is choose a nicotine strength. Here's what your e-liquid strength means and how to select the right one.
5 great Juices for Vape Cloud Chasing

5 great Juices for Vape Cloud Chasing

5 great Juices for Vape Cloud Chasing

Want to create big, beautiful clouds to go along with your nicotine kick? Read on for the 5 best e-juice blends and hacks for serious vape cloud chasing.

Keyword(s): cloud chasing


You've probably seen them on the street and on the web.

You know, those vape masters who are professionals when it comes to the fine art of cloud chasing.

Vaping has become a fun and interactive way to get your nicotine kick. We love it so much that we've explored the ins and outs pretty extensively.

So how can you make those giant clouds of vapour that you see everywhere? There's got to be some sort of secret, right?

Well, as it turns out. There is! You just need the right kind of vape juice.

Come along as we take you through the 5 Best Juices for Vape Cloud Chasing

1. 100ml Bottles Max-VG E-Liquid

100ml Bottles have got your cloud chasing ambitions covered with their Max VG E-liquid range. You will be puffing out vapour like a steam engine in no time.

This VG E Liquid is meant for you to drip at a high wattage. This is so you can get the maximum flavor and to help you with your cloud chasing.

This Max VG liquid is kicked up a notch in order to produce some of the thickest and most flavourful clouds of vapour possible.

100ml Bottles UK realizes how intense the nicotine content can be for some vape juices meant for cloud chasing. So, they offer dozens of different flavour choices with different nicotine levels between 0mg, 3mg, 6mg , 12mg and 18mg as well as being able to specify extra sweetner, sour and menthol shots. We love those kinds of options.

2. Firebrand Sub-OHM E-Juice

Firebrand's Sub-OHM is the perfect E-Juice for those dedicated to cloud chasing.

The juice was made to be used in some of the higher quality Sub-OHM vaporizers with RBAs and RDAs. It is made with 70-75% VG juice. This helps you to create the most intense vape clouds with a maximum amount of flavor.

Firebrand is so confident that you will enjoy this cloud chasing elixir that they offer it in not only 30 ml glass bottles. They also offer it in 60 and 90 ml glass bottles. Each bottle comes with drippers. These will help you add as little or as much vape juice as your heart desires.

If chasing clouds is your passion, Firebrand really has set the bar with how much they can provide you with on your journey.

3. Alloy Blends Electrum Density

Alloy Blends is the equivalent of a luxury brand in the world of vape juices. Just look at some of these insane reviews!

Are you are looking for a brand of cloud-centric vape juice that could be on the more high-class end of the spectrum? If so, you should look no further than the Alloy Blends Electrum Density.

Density is the key word with this vape juice from Alloy Blends. However, don't count out their flavor. Electrum Density is basically the caviar for all cloud chasing vape enthusiasts. In short, it is THE vape juice to beat on the market.

So if you are ready to step up to the plate and start chasing clouds into the stratosphere, we'd recommend checking out the Alloy Blends Electrum Density.

If you are brand new to the world of massive vape clouds, we suggest that you should start with something else for the lower price.

4. Vista Select Cloud Series

If you want to go for a safe bet for a high-quality vape juice at a bargain price, we would suggest trying out the Vista Select Cloud Series.

But let's be clear here: To say it's a bargain vape juice, does not mean it's a bad vape juice!

Vista Select has been around for a while. In fact, they are one of the most common vape juice brands out there. So when you hear their name, you generally don't think of them as producing impressive boutique cloud producing juices.

That's where their Select Cloud Series comes in.

This select line of vape juice was engineered at 90% VG for maximum dripping capabilities. It helps you to create huge thick clouds that can compete with the best of the best. They offer this special line of vape juice in five different flavors. It comes in 0, 3, 6, 12 as well as 18mg of nicotine.

No matter what level of cloud producing vape wizard you may be, the Vista Select Cloud Series has got you covered.

5. Namber Juice Epiclouds Max VG

Namber Juice Epiclouds Max VG is another vape juice specifically designed to help you chase clouds.

With different wild flavors including Doughnut Pounder and Mom's Pineapple Cake, Namber wants you to enjoy their flavors as much as you enjoy puffing out those giant clouds.

With all of this kick, Namber also wants to go easy on your wallet. By using 30ml plastic bottles instead of glass, they cost much less than some of their pricey competition all while packing the same amount of punch.

So if you want to have a tasty journey into creating those vape clouds you desire, look no further than Namber Juice Epiclouds Max VG.

Now You Know the 5 Best Juices for Vape Cloud Chasing

With these 5 juices, you will be able to produce the biggest vape clouds imaginable.

Whether you are brand new to cloud chasing or if you are vape cloud samurai master, these juices will get you where you want to go. People will think you are an active volcano with how much vapor you will be sending out into the air.

And if you are looking for the taste of one vape juice and the cloud of another, we would suggest vape hacking some of the lines out there and making your own custom combinations. Use these juices to your advantage and start chasing those clouds!

If you have any more questions on other products to improve your chasing abilities, feel free to send us a message through our contact page. Also, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Join the vaping community today to meet new people and learn more about how to get the most out of every puff.

We are here to help you become the best vape dragon you can be!


How to get a 100ml of bottle of e-liquid with Nicotine?

How to get a 100ml of bottle of e-liquid with Nicotine?

How do I get a 100ml of bottle of e-liquid with Nicotine?

Option 1: Goto this site (we highly recommend it)...100ml Bottles with Nicotine.

Option 2: Select one of our 100ml TPD Packs and ensure the 'Combine my order after the Sale' option is set to Yes, we will mix the Pack bottles together for you AFTER purchase FREE of charge and send you the 100ml Bottle.

Option 3: Select one of our 100ml TPD Packs and set the 'Combine my order after the Sale'  to No and mix it up yourself

Motivape responds to TPD

Motivape responds to TPD

TPD and Motivape

As of May 20th 2017 we are under the full weight of the EU's business destroying TPD regulations!

How does this affect our product range?

All existing Nicotine containing products (and variations of) must be emission tested and certified then submitted to the MHRA. This means that for a single flavour with 7 VG/PG/Nicotine variations we would require 7 tests, we have over 240 Flavours, each test costs hundreds of pound so testing all 240 Flavours at 7 variations would cost well in excess of half a million pounds!

All new Nicotine containing products (i.e new flavours) must be emission tested, certified and submitted to the MHRA 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE

What we cant do

  • We can no longer sell bottles larger than 10ml which contain Nicotine
  • No Nicotine containing bottle can exceed 2mg in strength
  • Sell non TPD compliant Nicotine Containing e-liquids
  • Sell non TPD compliant e-cigarette products or accessories

What we can do

  • We can still sell bottles of e-liquid of any size (10ml/100ml) containing no nicotine with no TPD requirements.
  • We are selling other manufacturers TPD compliant eliquid products (as we do for e-cigarettes).

What we are going to do about this for our product range?

The idea will be to sell a small range of TPD compliant VG/PG/Nicotine base liquids. We will also sell small bottles of flavour concentrate. If a customer chooses to combine them that will be their choice and something we bear no responsibility for.

    What does this mean for customers who want 10ml Bottles

    • You will use our website as normal and select a Flavouring and indicate the preferred Nicotine base strength.
    • You will be sent the 10ml TPD Compliant Base liquid (Containing the VG/PG and Nicotine) and the separate 2ml bottle of Flavouring. It would be up to you to decide to combine them.
    • or ... you can select the option to have us 'Combine' the flavour and base liquid AFTER purchase and send the combined 10ml Bottle to you.

    What does this mean for customer who want a 100ml of an e-liquid

    If you want 100ml bottles of e-liquid with 0% Nicotine , we will still sell these as normal as they are not affected by TPD laws.

    For customers who want 100ml of e-liquid with Nicotine, we will offer a special 100ml Equivalence pack which will contain:

    • 10 X 10ml Base liquids of the required strength.
    • 2 X 10ml Bottles of Flavour Concentrate.
    • 1 X 100ml Bottle with a flavour specific label
    The 100ml TPD Equivalence pack comes with an option for us to combine the bottles for you AFTER purchase FREE of charge and send the 100ml bottle on to you.



    VG and PG Explained

    VG and PG Explained

    PG and VG in Vaping - Explained

    In terms of e-liquid, juice or e-juice, ratios of PG and VG can be seen on the labels. For newcomers to vaping, this might seem baffling at first, so here we shall explain all about PG and VG in vaping and how the ratios of these ingredients affect the vaping experience.

    What does PG stand for in vaping? In e-liquid vaping terms, PG stands for Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is an alcohol which is void of colour and odour. It's chemical name is propane-1,2-diol. In general, PG is regarded as a safe and non-toxic substance, and is found in a wide range of products from cosmetics to pet food.

    What does VG stand for in vaping? VG on e-liquid bottles stands for Vegetable Glycerine. This is an alcohol which is also colourless and odourless, however VG is much sweeter in taste than PG, as well as being more viscous. It's chemical name is propane-1,2,3-triol. Just as PG is, VG is also considered safe and non-toxic to consume, being found in food and other products.

    What is the difference between PG and VG in vaping? The differences between the two e-liquid ingredients, PG and VG, in e-liquid lie very much in their chemical structures, an how this enables them to behave.

    E-liquids higher in PG will give a stronger throat hit when vaping, similar to that of a traditional cigarette. This is something that is favoured by those who are switching from smoking to vaping, making the transition much easier. PG based e-liquids are thinner, and therefore better at soaking the wick more effectively, which can help prevent the problem of burnt wick. Another advantage PG has over VG is that it carries flavours more effectively.

    E-liquids higher in VG will be smoother on the throat when vaping, which is ideal for those who do not like a strong hit to the throat, or for those who are looking to wean off the feeling of smoking. While VG gives a lesser throat hit, it does produce larger vapour clouds. The clouds of vapour are thicker and denser than PG clouds. By striking the right balance in e-liquid mixtures, it is possible to produce blends which give a substantial vapour, while also giving a satisfying throat hit. The more experienced people get with vaping, the more they will likely experiment and find something that suits their personal taste the best.

    How to find the best PG VG ratio in e-liquid Some people might find they are sensitive to PG, which can irritate the throat. Although this is rare, the good news is that that person can still vape by switching to VG based e-liquids. Many e-liquids come in a 50/50 ratio of PG to VG, and many beginners start with that, however it is possible to buy other mixes to satisfy your personal requirements.

    VG vs PG Ratios

    Choose a higher ratio of VG if you want large clouds of vapour and a smoother feeling on the throat. VG e-liquids also give a sweeter taste too. If you want the strong throat hit from vaping, then choose a higher ration of PG in your liquid. A higher ratio of PG is also useful for those who find they have problems with the wick drying out or the coil burning.


    A Guide to Maximising the Flavour of your Vape

    A Guide to Maximising the Flavour of your Vape

    A Guide to Maximising the Flavour of Your Vape

    Quite often people focus on producing a larger vape cloud, called 'cloud-chasing', however there are many people who prefer to fine tune the flavour of their vape, maximising the flavours in preference to maximising the clouds. Here, we have put together a guide to maximising the flavour of your vape.

    1 - Steep your e-liquid

    Steeping is the word used to refer to leaving your e-liquid to age properly. Once mixed, the e-liquid will naturally age/steep over time, transforming to a darker colour, as well as the flavour of the vapour becoming more enhanced. When you buy a bottle of e-liquid, if it has already been on the shelf a while then it will likely be suitably steeped and full in flavour. If you buy e-liquid that is mixed to order, or hasn't had a chance to steep yet, then you will greatly benefit from steeping the liquid.

    If you want to use the liquid straight away, rather than sit it on a shelf for a few weeks, there are steps you can take in order to speed up this steeping process. Check out our steeping guide for more information on these methods.

    2 - Adjust your device

    Vaping equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, but by making some adjustments it is possible to enhance the flavour of your vape, no matter what your device. Examples of adjusting your e-cigarette for better flavour include; turning the voltage down, something that can be experimented with the more basic models. Also, you can get e-cigs with variable wattage, which give a wide range of power choices, and you will find that many e-liquids are better when warm. If your device allows for it, It's a good idea to play around with the wattage as some e-liquids will certainly taste better when warm, and others won't change so much.

    Another aspect to keep an eye on is the airflow. Increased airflow will produce larger clouds, but is not likely to do much for the flavour of the vape. This is because the vapour will be cooled somewhat by the airflow, resulting in a loss of flavour intensity. If you reduce the airflow, you might find that you get a more intense flavour of vape, so it is worth a try. Do ensure that there is still adequate airflow, otherwise it will cause burning of the coil and the wick, and result in a bad burnt taste.

    3 - Choose a cotton wick

    The wick plays an important part in the production of a good flavoured vape. A cotton wick will product a stronger, cleaner flavour, as opposed to many of the pre-built coils with wicks made from silica fibre. Don't worry, these silica wicks perform fine, but there is no denying the difference you can get from a cotton wick. You will find that some tanks come with in built cotton wicks, which are becoming more popular now.

    4 - Replace your coil

    The condition your coil is in will certainly have an effect on the flavour of your vape. If it is left to become clogged with e-liquid residue, overtime it will directly affect the quality of your vaping. If you notice the taste of your vape going downhill, then this could be a time to change the coil. Coils are easy enough to purchase and replace for tanks with pre-built coils, and it is well worth doing if you feel it is affecting flavour and intensity.

    5 - Choose a PG heavy e-liquid

    It is important to consider the PG/VG mix of the e-liquid you choose, this can play a large part in the flavour itself. These stand for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, which are the two main ingredients in most e-liquids. PG is the ingredient that carries the flavour, and delivers that hit to the throat. VG is the ingredient that generates vapour, however it is not best at carrying flavour. So, you will find PG liquids to give a more potent flavour and hit, and VG-heavy e-liquids more subtle.

    6 - Beware of Vaper's Tongue

    The term Vaper's Tongue refers to the dulling of the taste buds when it comes to tasting the flavour of your vape. This is a common condition when using the same flavour of e-liquid for a prolonged period of time, giving you a dull sense of the flavour. To combat this, it is best to mix it up a bit and rotate a few various flavours so that your palette doesn't become de-sensitised to the flavour.

    7 - Just experiment

    Each individual is different in the way they prefer to vape. Some people are cloud-chasers, some people are flavour-chasers. We have already provided you with the vital aspects in increasing the flavour of your vape, but ultimately, there is no right or wrong thing to do. Vaping is a very individual experience, and we encourage you to play around and experiment with techniques and types of liquid. It is only through experimentation that you will find what works best for you.

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    How to properly steep an e liquid

    How to properly steep an e liquid

    If you find that your new e-liquid is tasting dull, or just different to how you think it should, it might be that you need to steep the e-liquid...heres how to do it