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What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

What is Sub-OHM Vaping?

You may have seen a few articles emerge on the topic of e-cigarettes surrounding Sub-OHM Vaping, and you may very well have been wondering what exactly it means. So, what is Sub-OHM Vaping? Basically, if a tank is fitted with a coil that is rated less than 1 OHM, it is able to produce a lot more vapour than a regular tank. A Sub-OHM tank has a greater airflow, which produces more vapour per puff than usual as a result.

Sub-OHM capable tanks include the Aspire Atlantis and the Kanger Subtank range, and where traditionally you would have had to modify your tank for this, there are now many tanks available to take Sub-Ohm Coils.


The act of vaping comes in two forms:

Mouth Too Lung (MTL) is the method that is closest how you smoke a real cigarette. You draw the cloud into the mouth, and then inhale it into the lungs. With a restricted airflow, and subsequently a smaller vapour cloud, this is how most people vaped.

The other form of vaping is Direct Lung, where the user can take the vapour directly into the lung, without holding it in the mouth first. This is a little like you would take something through a straw - directly into the body.

The Sub-OHM Vaping equipment allows for greater airflow, and therefore produces greater clouds of vapour. Cloud-chasers love this, and this set-up lends itself to a Direct Lung way of vaping. In the early days, users would have to mod their e-cigarette in order to achieve Sub-OHM, however as we have mentioned, you can actually buy such tanks. By using a coil which reaches greater temperatures (sub-ohm), together with a tank which has a high airflow, the device can produce large amounts of vapour. The increased volume of airflow is vital for cooling the vapour down and ensuring it is pleasant to inhale.

A consequence of Sub-Ohm vaping is that it will consume more e-liquid as it is producing massive clouds. You will need to refill your device more often, and you will be taking in more nicotine due to this fact too. It will also achieve a greater throat hit. Because of this, those who vape an 18mg e-liquid will likely find they can step down to as far as 6mg, or even 0 if this is your aim. So, despite Sub-OHM using more liquid, it is a real draw for those looking to reduce their nicotine intake.

Sub-Ohm Vaping and Safety

As resistance decreases in the coil, the amps your device needs increases. The battery is therefore strained which causes increased heat from the battery unit and coils. It is critical you never exceed the amperage limit of your battery or you can suffer possible fire or explosion.

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