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E-Cigarette: Miracle or Menance? A documentary worth watching

E-Cigarette: Miracle or Menance? A documentary worth watching

Horizon explores whether E-cigs are a miracle or a menace

There is still much debate surrounding whether e-cigarettes are good or bad, however it is impossible to ignore the increasing amount of credible evidence leaning toward the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes, as opposed to traditional tobacco. Thankfully, those in power are finally coming to understand how vaping can aid smokers in giving up and improving their health.

It was soon after electronic cigarettes were backed by the Royal College of Physicians, that a Horizon documentary was shown on the BBC, showing how beneficial vaping is in the quest to quit traditional smoking, as well as looking into the health of the e-cig smoker. This documentary, 'E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace', was praised by many for the balanced approach taken by Michael Mosley, the maker. It looked at the scientific research that had gone into vaping, as well as positive anecdotal accounts, discounting non-factual scaremongering from those who fail to approve.

Scientific tests were shown in detail, demonstrating the differences between the health of a smoker, and someone who vapes on e-cigs instead. This concluded just how large a benefit vaping can be to public health, which is something that has finally been recognised by the Government, as well as the media. As Mosley stated in the documentary, e-cigs have the potential to "transform the world's health."

While this was not the first piece of television looking into the pros and cons of e-cigs, it has been deemed one of the best. Mosley himself took part by vaping for a month, in order to contribute to the research. He also met with e-cigarette users and discussed the impact vaping has had on the lives of many. The evidence in favour of using e-cigs instead of tobacco was overwhelmingly positive, and anyone looking to find out more about the benefits of vaping should certainly look for this documentary online.

It has become increasingly evident that the tobacco industry which is losing millions to the ascendancy of vaping is running negative interference in the mainstream media.

A steady stream of "Look an e-cig has exploded!" stories can be found in the media on a frequent basis. However when you look underneath the sensationalist headline or actually do some digging on the statistics these issues are mostly cause by incorrect usage of battery chargers or modifications to already high powered units.

The fact remains that more mobile phones and other household appliances burst into flame than e-cigarettes Like any electrical device proper care and handling is required to avoid potential hazards .

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