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Why vape with a box Mod?

Why vape with a box Mod?

Why Vape with a Box Mod

There is so much choice around when it comes to vaping equipment, and getting your device just how you want it is an important aspect of vaping. One option available, is a Box Mod. So, what is the reason for having a Box Mod?

Firstly, let us begin by explaining that Box Mod as a term can cover a lot of bases, however in general it tends to refer to a device with a box-like shape, and that has been fitted out with advanced features such as the ability to change the temperature and the wattage. It is unlikely that those new to vaping will know right away why some people might choose a Box Mod over the pen-type e-cigs so readily available, so let us explain a bit more here.

A Box Mod Vaping Device Offers More Power

Both power and battery life are extremely important to a large number of vapers, and a Box Mod is something that addresses these requirements. The removable batteries commonly found in Box Mods are 18650 IMR batteries which can have capacities exceeding 3000mAh. In terms of slimline e-cigarettes, there is limited ability to reach beyond 1000mAh. The high power batteries contained within Box Mods do require extra care however. A larger battery as found in a Box Mod will allow the device to deliver a stronger throat hit. In addition to this, bigger vapour clouds can also be achieved if this is what is desired. You can find out a bit more about achieving these modifications below;

Vaping Features from Box Mods

Box Mods provide the opportunity for users to experiment with vaping techniques, and there is much more scope for this than in the pen-like vaping devices. Using a Box Mod allows for sub-ohm style vaping, where wattage and temperature, along with the airflow level, can all be experimented with and set as desired. This will then give the user control over the amount of cloud produced, and the throat hit received.

While a Box Mod certainly offers more customisation in order to tailor the user's vaping experience, it unfortunately is a little bulkier and heavier than the standard e-cig. This doesn't matter so much to those who prefer this way of vaping, however if the user isn't interested in altering the amount of vapour produced, sub-ohm vaping, or a long-lasting battery, then perhaps a Box Mod isn't the best choice. It does take a bit of experimentation to get the most suitable vape for the individual.

What is a Variable Voltage Mod?

There are two measurements of power you will see on the specs of a mod: variable voltage and variable wattage.

A variable voltage allows you to change the current. So changing the voltage up or down will turn the temperature up or down and in effect, giving you a completely different vaping experience depending on the voltage it is set at. Variable voltage is a much more preferable method than using a fixed voltage battery. The downside of a Variable voltage approach is that if you change the resistance of your coils sa from 2.8 ohms to 1.8 ohms then the Voltage setting in combination with the coil’s resistance would result in a different temperature and therefor a different vaping experience.

What is a Variable Wattage Mod?

Variable wattage accomplishes the same goal as variable voltage but through a different, route. If you have a Variable Wattage Mod and have found that a 40w setting on a 0.5 ohm coil gives you a perfect vape and that you then change up your coild to a 1.2 ohm. Now, with your wattage still set at 40 watts, what happens now? It gives you the exact same vaping experience! It does this because variable wattage will automatically change the voltage for you to give you your desired wattage irrespective of the coil installed. So variable wattage is a true set it and forget it vape mod (when you first decide your preferred vaping temperature), whereas a variable voltage, you may need to re-adjust the voltage after changing your atomizer.

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