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The Ultimate Vaping Guide: What Is Squonking?

The Ultimate Vaping Guide: What Is Squonking?

Did you say squonk? If you're a noob there may be some vaping terminology that sounds a bit foreign. Learn what squonking means right here in our vaping guide.


What is squonking? No, it's not a Rick and Morty made-up word. A squonk is actually a vaping mod that is as curious as it sounds.

Named after mythical creatures so ugly they're constantly in tears over their hideous appearance, these vaping mods are a lot like their namesake. Squonking mods, also known as bottom-feeder mods, can provide a constant supply of e-liquid (tears) from the bottom of the device to the top where the atomizer is located.

Want to know how to get your squonking on? Read on to find out.

But First, a Little Bit of History

Bottom-feeding mods started as a do-it-yourself project in 2009 by Carlos49 at the E-Cigarette Forum. At the time, he called his Radio Shack plastic creation the 'Juicebox'. Another ECF member, Jack Murray, was the first to call the design 'squonk.'

The juicebox didn't take off because of two reasons. First, you cannot service the integrated atomizer that came with the box without sending it back coupled to the modder. Second, the demand was high and he was not able to fulfill the orders.

Another ECF member, Robert O'Neill, became impatient waiting for Carlos49 to deliver the bottom-feeding mod he pre-ordered so instead he created his own squonking mod, the REO. He began selling REOs to great success and his design is still being used by modern squonking mods.

The Problem with Integrated Atomizers

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for the failure of the juicebox was the inability to self-service the integrated atomizers. This is why modern squonking mods use rebuildable dripping atomizers or RDA. Rebuildable means that you can replace the wicks and coils in the atomizer yourself.

The use of RDA alone without a squonker has its own set of problems. You have to carry a bottle of e-liquid around with you at all times. And manually dripping the e-liquid to wet the wicks can get very messy and bothersome.

The Perfect Pair

Squonking mods are the yin to the RDA's yang. The squonk is a type of box mod that houses an e-liquid bottle together with a battery. The bottle attaches to the RDA at the top to supply the e-liquid from the bottom.

All of the components are encased inside the squonker. This solves the problem of having to carry an e-liquid bottle separately.

The e-liquid bottle connects through a tube into a hollow 510 positive pin of the RDA. Since the whole system is sealed, the e-liquid can travel up the tube into the atomizer without spilling. No more mess.

How a Squonk Works

The basic goal of e-cig devices is still the same. Get e-liquid to wet the wicks and coils of an atomizer, supply electricity to the wicks to heat them up and turn liquid into vapour. This process is also followed by squonking mods but these devices do so in a more convenient, easy to operate, and self-contained way.

Just squeeze the bottle with enough force to push the liquid into the RDA (the housing has a cut-out for squeezing). The amount of e-liquid you push in depends on how concentrated you want your vapours to be. Then just press the power button on the device and get your vape on.

Is this the first time you've heard of squonking? If you have questions about squonking and other stuff about vaping, contact us.


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