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Vaping Guide: What is an RDA?

Vaping Guide: What is an RDA?

Are you new to vaping and have heard about RDAs but aren't sure what the term means? Here's a handy guide on everything you need to know.

When you're new to vaping and e-cigarettes, there's a lot of weird sounding technical terms to get familiar with. RDA is one such example.

Our blog posts aim to help you understand these terms and concepts. So you can get the most out of vaping.

The RDA type of atomizer, also known as the dripper, is a bit different from the typical tank. It's a bit trickier to get started with but it lets you increase flavor and vapor. And it's a convenient, small size.

This article will clear the fog around these atomizers, so you can use them to make the fog you like.

What's an RDA?

The name is short for "rebuildable dripping atomizer." An atomizer is the part of your vaporizer that heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor.

The signature trait of dripping atomizers is that there's a wick onto which you must drip your e-liquid. Rebuildable dripping atomizers aren't meant for disposable vaping devices. They're built to last and give you lots of enjoyment without constant replacements.

Rebuildable dripping atomizers have a small well compared to normal tanks. This lets you drip small amounts of juice if you like. This is great if you're new to vaping, if you like to use different flavors, or if you're sharing.

How Do You Use It?

It's a simple process. You drip the e-liquid onto the atomizer coil and put the atomizer back in the vaporizer. Now it's ready to use.

Keep in mind that it's a rebuildable component. Once in a while, you'll have to replace your wicks or atomizer coil to keep it functioning at maximum capacity.

Replacing the parts is simple enough. It takes a bit of practice to get comfortable with the process. But it isn't hard.

You'll need a set of tools to do it though. Pliers make it easy to work with coils, and you need small screwdrivers to remove and reattach things.

Different coils are made from different wires. The coils differ in electrical resistance and how they heat up. Once you've picked a coil, wind it around the posts of the deck that conducts the energy to the coil. Screw it on tight.

Once it's in place, add the wick and put the casing on.

That's all it takes to rebuild your dripper.

Why Choose a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer?

These atomizers are designed to enhance your vaping experience by letting you customize it to your preference. Simpler e-cigarettes and disposable vaporizers can't do that.

If you like creativity, experimentation, and DIY, you'll have fun making your ultimate vaporizer. The results won't disappoint you either.

Drippers give you a flavor sensation that's hard to achieve with other atomizers. The biggest reason is the ability to saturate the wicks as much as you want with your choice of juice. This also means you can mix juices.

You can also achieve bigger clouds with this setup. If you like doing tricks and making huge clouds, you should try one to see the difference.

RDAs will also make it easier to find your favorite flavors. You don't need to empty a big tank before you can try the next flavor. You just replace the wick and add the liquid.

Get Started with an RDA

It's easy to get started with rebuildable dripping atomizers. It'll take a bit of practice before you can replace parts with ease, but it won't take long.

It's the next step toward becoming an advanced vaping enthusiast.

Components are always evolving, so take a look at vaping components often to stay up to date.

Do you have more questions about RDAs? Contact us here.

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