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The Vaporesso Swag Kit Reviewed

The Vaporesso Swag Kit Reviewed

The Vaporesso Swag Kit Reviewed

Vaporesso’s Swag Kit with NRG SE Tank is a modern looking device that incorporates a lot of the flagship features seen in their Revenger device.

The Vaporesso brand is associated with excellence in almost every facet of vaping. Their devices are superbly designed and perform in excess of expectations, and they always feature some new technical innovation that other mods just can’t compete with.

Kit Contents

One of their newest offerings, the Vaporesso Swag Kit is another of these pieces of Vaping excellence.When you open the box containing the kit you get the following contents:

  • 1 x Vaporesso 80W Swag Kit
  • 1 x 2ml NRG SE Mini Tank
  • 1 x GT2 Core Coil (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x GT CCELL Coil
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable
Vaporesso Swag First Impressions

First Impressions

Packaging on the Vaporesso Swag kit is very nice. On the first level of the box, you get the mod, the tank, and a spare coil, just below the plastic insert of the box, there is a high-quality USB cable to be found.

The Swag device itself is compact, snug and has an attitude about it. With is dimensions (75mm x 48mm x 25mm ) and its light 64g weight, it truly is a discreet pocket sized vaping device. Its In-Mould-Label face plate gives it a definite gripability and also durability. Smooth yet satisfying to hold.

With nine sharp colours to choose from (The austentatious gold to the in-your-face orange) there is a Swag for every taste appealing to both male and female vapers alike.

The Mod

The top battery cover catches your eye as first impressions lead you to think it may be a control knob of some kind but rather it allows for quick removal and replacement of the single 18650 battery the device uses.Many mods have a point of weakness with their hinged bottom battery covers where dropping the device and break the battery cover or its latch, not a problem on this mod!

Along the side of the mod, you’ll find the OLED screen, the firing button, and the mode selector button.The OLED Screen is fine indoors but can be a bit hard to read in strong sunlight.The plus/minus selector buttons are on the front of the device located close to the rest of the controls.

Swag OLED Screen

On the top side of the mod, next to the battery cap, is where the 510 connection is located. As with most Vaporesso mods, the 510 connection on this mod is of great quality. There is a firm spring loaded gold plated 510 pin. Around the 510 there is a stainless steel plate, smooth with no indentations or cutouts whatsoever. The only negative point is that as the battery cap is quite close to the 510 no tank wider than 22mm will be able to fit on the device.

Vaporesso Swag 510 Connector

Branding is subtle on the mod and the side panel has a Charging and Update port as the Swag firmware is upgradable. With 2 amp internal charging available via this port the mod charges its single 18650 battery quickly.

The mode button lets you scroll through different options in the menu system and has become a staple with Vaporesso mods.

To turn on the device, you click the firing button on five times. If you have no tank attached, the OLED screen will display a “change atomizer.” warning. When you’ve connected the NRG SE to the tank, the smart mode on the mod will automatically adjust the wattage to suit the attached tank.

The Swag mod uses Vaporesso’s proprietary chip, the new 2.0 Omniboard, which has a full temperature control suite, a resistance range between .05 ohms and 5 ohms and a maximum voltage of 8.5 volts. There are temperature control settings for nickel (Ni), stainless steel (SS), and titanium (Ti)and a temperature control range of 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vaporesso Swag Menu

There is a wattage curve feature (Custom Curved Wattage CCW) as well as a temperature control curve feature (Custom Curved Temperature CCT)and a TCR function with two memory slots.

The Vaporesso Swag uses both CCW and CCT modes to let you designate the power and temperature your vape begins and ends in with each session. It also enables you to decide how long you want the mod to vape at either your preferred temperature or wattage. You could for instance set the device to slowy increment the temperature every 20 seconds from a specific starting temparature in order to find you flavour sweetspot, the CCW and CCT modesallow you to pre-program the deviceto go exactly where you want it to go.

The Swag also has three different (high, normal, and soft) vaping modes dependent on which coils you are using in the tank and there is of course a bypass mode which allows you to do away with all the adjustable settings and use the Swag like a mech mod.

The Swag has an embarassment of customisation settings which on the one hand will give you endless hours of vaping fun exploring them but on the other can be frustrating to completely get a handle on. The biggest gripe is accessing all the settings (even some of the simple ones) through the menu system could be a better experience. Sometimes you just have to press too many times on the buttons to get to the settings you want.

Swag NRG SE Tank

The NRG SE Tank

The tank included with this kit is the NRG SE 22 mm Sub-Ohm tank. It is a more compact version of Vaporesso’s NRG tank with its easy to fill twist-open top fill system.

The filling port for the NRG tank is located under the top cap, beneath the slider and there is a white gasket around it. You will be able to fit needle nose bottles in there with no problem but be may struggle with some of the more bulborous of tips

This is a bottom airflow tank,with two airflow slots located opposite each other on the base of the tank. The Air Flow Control is smooth and easy to adjust with have stoppers on both ends so you are less likely to accidently open or close the airflow.

The 510 pin on the NRG tank is silver-plated and the threading around the 510 is stainless steel with a smooth well machined finish which fits flushly onto the mod.

The drip tip is a Vaporesso custom version and if you use your own you will need to make sure they match the circumference of the protruding ring on the top cap otherwise they may not fit as snugly.

The Coils

This kit does come with 2 coils. One is the .5 ohm GT CCELL ceramic coil and the other is the .4 ohm GT2 coil. The GT2 vapes best within the range of 40-80 watts and the GCell within 20-35W.

Vaporesso provide acurrate information for its coil range and their optimal settings for High , Normal or Soft vaping modes.

The cotton on these factory coils are packed in very tight, so you need to give them time to soak up your eliquid after priming, especially when the coil is brand new.

The coils for the NRG range of tanks are flavoursome and cloudy from the get go but can sometimes lack longevity, interestingly the tank is compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils which allow for an alternative.

Usage and Vaping

It’s a really nice, high-quality vape from a high quality device. This mod is extremely accurate in power mode and TC mode. The firing is instant with no delay between clicking the fire button and the coils igniting and of course the huge selection of settings on the device allow for very customised vaping experience if required or a more straightforward plug-in-and-vape approach.

It is a portable device ideal for nights out where you want something which looks good but doesnt get in the way. It has a well balanced trade off between power and bulk. The quick charge function is especially useful when out and about as you may only be able to nab a few minutes charging time on someone elses charger.

Vaporesso Swag Hand Check


The Swag is a fantastic addition to the Vaporesso line up. It performs solidly and is a great kit for beginners and a more than satisfactory second for seasoned vapers. The poorish coil lifespan and fiddly menu are irksome but by no means deal breakers. We would give this a 9/10!


  • Superb levels of customisation
  • Well made with quality feel
  • Looks good with 9 colour options
  • Portable and Fits snugly in your hand
  • Easy to re-fill


  • Battery cap hard to remove when tank is on.
  • Menu system a little fiddly to navigate.
  • Coil lifespan is not great.
  • Cant fit tanks bigger than 22ml

How do I get one?

Thats easy, Motivape sell all nine colours of the Vaporesso Swag right here!

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