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Mother 'suffers an allergic reaction to VAPING'

Mother 'suffers an allergic reaction to VAPING'


A mother's body erupted in painful burn-like rashes after she suffered an allergic reaction to vaping.

Lisa Santiago-Griggs, from Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, was released this morning from hospital after being admitted on Sunday.

She claims a reaction to propylene glycol, an ingredient in the e-liquid, left her feeling like she was 'on fire'.

The 42-year-old has now shared shocking images of her 'unbearable' side effects. It is unclear if she went into anaphylactic shock.

She said: 'I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before - this was horrible.

'It was a covering my body, very painful, and it felt like my skin was burning from underneath, burning up from the inside.'

Ms Santiago-Griggs took several anti-histamine tablets to fight the rash but they had no effect.

She went straight to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Ms Santiago-Griggs said: 'It was starting to blister, and getting serious.

'They took me straight in and I've been here ever since. They are treating me with steroids and I'm on a drip.

'I have to stay in until it's calmed down and they can work out exactly what is going on. I am 100 per cent convinced it was the vape.'

She added: 'It's not like I've been out doing anything else. It was the first time I'd ever had a vape and I didn't realise it can cause this kind of reaction.

Although its easy to dimiss this story as another anti-vaping article , which it is, the point is that some customers can have an allergic reaction to either VG or PG must not be forgotten. Always enquire with a customer if they have any known allergies or if in doubt recommend they seek advice from a GP.

This story which has appeared in several mainstream news channels is another example of making a mountain out of a molehill. The number of people who suffer from such a reaction is a tiny percentage of those who vape. More people suffer from nut allergies ... and we dont see the same level of false outcry condeming Snickers bars!

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