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E-Cigarette Battery Safety Tips

E-Cigarette Battery Safety Tips

E-Cigarette Battery Safety Tips

While e-cigarette batteries are perfectly safe the majority of the time, and incidents are few and far between, there have been times that they have been reported to have caused harm to a bag or pocket, and even a person. It is important to bear in mind however, that a battery reported to have exploded or caused damage in any way need not necessarily have been at fault technically.

In fact according to research, 80% of e-cigarette explosions happen during charging. In a variety of reports, the cause is often linked to the use of an alternative charger, one that was not sold with the battery that was charging.this could possibly likely be caused by being stored or charged incorrectly.

Some media stories have given the impression of e-cigarettes being inherently unsafe with eye catching headlines like ‘man burned by exploding e-cigarette’, these ‘click bait’ headlines and shallow stories usually conveniently ignore the details of the case where batteries were incorrectly charged or the e-cigarette was modified or not being used in accordance with its manufacturers instructions. It is worth noting that there are just as many incidents of ‘exploding’ Phones, Camera and other items which use batteries. It is also re-assuring to know that all such events are actually quite rare.

As is the case for any battery powered device, It is always a good idea to be aware of how to use and store your batteries in a way that is safe, and least likely to cause any harm. In this article, we have some e-cigarette battery safety tips;

Always Store the Battery in a Protective Case.
When storing your battery, don't just throw it into a pocket or bag, always make sure that you store loose batteries in some kind of protective case. The thing you are trying to prevent from happening is activation by it knocking off other items in the bag. Covering the battery also protects the contents of you bag from leaks as well.

Always Use The Correct Battery Charger.
Ensure that you use the correct charger for your battery when charging your e-cig. It is also important to never leave the charger on and leave it unattended, just as with anything electrical that is charging.

Something else to bear in mind is to never exceed the maximum allowed amps, and always buy chargers from reputable outlets, which have displayed their CE and RoHS certification on the products. A common cause of battery related fires is buying cheap chargers on sites where the price is too good to be true. They sometimes do not have the correct safety features so it is not worth burning your house down for the sake of saving a few pounds on a reputable brand.

Like most rechargeable electronic devices these days, many e-cigarettes have a USB port that connects the device to the power adapter, however few consumers stop to think that just because a plug will fit in a USB port, it does not mean it is fully compatible. Without knowing the specific electrical specifications of an alternative USB power source, as well as your battery, you cannot guarantee an effective or a safe charge.

Never Use Damaged Batteries.
If the battery becomes too hot, stop using it immediately, and likewise if you begin to smell burning - place it outside on a fire-proof surface and then correctly dispose of it once cool. Stop using the e-cig battery immediately and do not attempt to charge it if it appears to be damaged in any kind of way it is simply not worth the risk. If it has any leakage or build-up of e-liquid, be sure to clean it immediately.

Keep Batteries and E-Cigs Out of Reach.
As common sense would also dictate, always keep batteries away from children and animals, whether charging or not. E-cigarettes and equipment should always be kept out of reach of children and animals.

Never leave Batteries on hot surfaces or exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.
Another common sense step for battery safety, but one which is often overlooked as a battery is left charging on a surface which receives a lot of strong direct sun or heat from another source such as a radiator. Batteries generate their own heat when charging and overheating can increase the chances that a battery will become faulty.

Always Buy Batteries From a Reputable Outlet
As has been mentioned, in order to be sure that you are buying a safe and tested battery for your e-cigarette, always buy from a reputable vendor, and ensure it has the CE mark.

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