Kanger Evod 2 (BDC)

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Kanger EVOD 2

Similar to other Kanger products such as the Aerotank and the ProTank 3, the Kanger EVOD 2 features a bottom dual coil (BDC) clearomizer. Dual coil means double the amount of vapor production than the original EVOD which has only one coil. Vapor clouds are not only thicker but the taste is significantly more intense and flavorful.

Bottom Dual Coil Technology

Compared to single-coil technologies, BDCs offer a larger heating area that delivers more flavor, more dense vapor, and a more pronounced throat hit.

Bottom dual coils are a very efficient e-liquid delivery system that keeps your wicks saturated with juice – reducing burnt taste and dry hits. BDC cartomizers provide a nice warm vapor and a superb clean flavor without the wicking issues.

Replaceable Coil Heads

Kanger EVOD 2 atomizer heads are replaceable so you don't have to buy another clearomizer again, unless you want to upgrade to a bigger size tank. The one disadvantage of the EVOD 2 is that it can only store around 2ml of liquid – certainly not enough for a full day vape.

Kanger EVOD 2 clearomizers work well with 1.5 ohms and 2.0 ohms atomizer resistances.

Kanger now offers the Replaceable Dual Coil atomizer heads with a NEW Vertical Style Coil and Organic Cotton! These are called: Kanger VOCC Atomizer Heads, and we sell them by the 5-Pack or as Singles.

Durable PET Tank

The EVOD 2 clearomizer comes with a transparent PE tank. This durable plastic tank is housed in a metal shell with two cut-out windows so it's easy to monitor your remaining juice. There is also a glass option if you experience cracking on the PET tank from strong juices.

Removable Drip Tip

The drip tip in the original EVOD was fixed permanently to the tank. With the new EVOD 2, you now have the option to replace the drip tip with other 510 mouthpiece styles.

The EVOD 2 comes in many colors but if you want to change up the look of your tank, or you simply don't want to use the metal drip tip that comes with it, you can replace it with virtually any 510 drip tip available on the market.

Completely Rebuildable

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can easily rebuild your EVOD 2 clearomizer by working around only four parts: the bottom base, the liquid chamber, the atomizer head, and the drip tip.

Kanger specifically designed the EVOD 2 clearomizer to be completely disassembled to make it easier to clean all of the tank components. No need to use q-tips and other small tools to reach the nooks and crannies of your tank.

Evod 2 Tank & Evod Batteries: Mix and Match

The Kanger EVOD 2 tank is designed to exactly match the color series of Kanger EVOD batteries. When paired together, they highlight the elegant curves, shiny chrome hardware, and fine details of a carefully crafted vaping machine.

Whether you are using the Kanger EVOD 2 tank with an EVOD battery or with an entirely different Kanger device, it will perfectly complement your setup.

Mod Compatibility

The Kanger EVOD 2 clearomizer works well with constant voltage batteries such as the eGo-C and EVOD as well as variable voltage batteries like the Joyetech eGo-C Twist, EVOD VV Twist, Innokin iTaste VV, and Vision Spinner.

The Kanger EVOD 2 is designed to fit the outer cone threads of an eGo battery. It is not 510 threaded. If you want to use the EVOD 2 with a 510-threaded mod, we recommend that you get a 510-to-eGo adapter.


  • 1 X Kangertech EVOD 2 Clearomizer


  • Durable metal construction
  • Sleek chrome hardware
  • Bottom dual coil (BDC) technology
  • Phenomenal vapor production
  • Extremely tasty flavor
  • Replaceable atomizer heads
  • Same atomizer head as the Protank 3 and Aerotank
  • Removable and replaceable mouthpiece (compatible with most 510 drip tips)
  • Leak-free e-juice refills
  • Designed to be completely disassembled
  • Ego threaded
  • Works with all Kanger bottom dual coil atomizers
  • Colors match the full range of Kanger EVOD batteries